Adventure Time is a show airing on Cartoon Network that follows a human boy named Finn and his best friend, a dog named Jake, who go on random adventures in their homeland of Ooo. Other characters in the series include:

  • Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum, the ruler of Ooo's Candy Kingdom who is highly intelligent, scientific, and also kind.
  • Marceline the Vampire Queen, a wildly-living vampire musician whose trademark is her "axe bass," a guitar that she made out of her father's battle axe.
  • The Ice King, the ruler of the Ice Kingdom (essentially the king of a bunch of penguins) who is always trying to capture princesses to marry them, and therefore always fighting Finn and Jake, the protectors of the land.
  • Beemo, a small 8-bit video game system who can walk and talk, and is always joking around with Finn and Jake.